What makes A Gorgeous Floor different?

Until now most floors have been sealed with polyurethane. Which is great - unless you want to walk on it. The problem? Polyurethane is very susceptible to wear. To protect it a "sacrificial" top coat of wax is necessary. The wax surface requires constant care - buffing, polishing and occasional stripping. Often scuff marks are an ongoing problem.

We have a patented process. Our sealer is the toughest on the market! NO Waxing! It STAYS gorgeous with just an occasional damp mop or Swiffer®. You're simply going to LOVE YOUR GORGEOUS FLOOR!

  • No waxing
  • No buffing
  • No polishing
  • No stripping

Because no one wants to be a slave to a floor... even if it is gorgeous!

We repair the competition's finishes

A Gorgeous Floor has often been called on to solve the durability and appearance issues that are inherent in the lesser expensive installations of our competitors. Here is an example of what one competitor's finish looked like after ONLY 3 MONTHS of wear:

A Gorgeous Floor was hired to fix the problem.

We remove the inferior sealer and applied our patented sealer system.

The original contractor did an excellent job of staining, but their inexpensive sealer couldn't stand up to daily use, and the
customer ended up paying twice. Don't make that expensive mistake - Ask to see a floor that is several years old
BEFORE signing a contract! A Gorgeous Floor will outlast ANY other sealer on the market!

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