Is AGF Green?
How A Gorgeous Floor can help your project qualify for LEED credit.

  1. Materials - By weight and volume AGF's major component is sand combined with Portland cement. No other flooring raw materials are as environmentally friendly to obtain!
  2. Transport - AGF's components are manufactured in the USA, eliminating the need for transoceanic shipping. Additionally even for domestic shipping AGF's components require much less volume than other alternatives. Enough product can be placed on a 4'x 4' x 4' pallet to complete 2500 square feet of floor!
  3. Recyclable - Cement (AGF's main component) is readily recyclable. In addition AGF doesn't need to be removed when the underlying concrete is sent to the recyclers.
  4. Toxicity - Cured AGF is environmentally friendly and unlike other types of flooring does not outgas. AGF can be installed with very low VOC sealers.
  5. Life Cycle - AGF has one of the longest life cycles of any flooring, in fact we offer a 20 year warranty! AGF's surface is the most abrasion resistant on the market and therefore can withstand heavy commercial and even industrial traffic without excessive wear. Should the need ever arise AGF can be made as new with the application of a single additional coat of sealer. The projected period between resealing applications is 5 years for heavy commercial use and 20 years for average residential use.
  6. Installation - No adhesives are used in an AGF floor, hence none of the concerns that accompany them.
  7. Maintenance - AGF is the most environmentally friendly and easiest to maintain flooring available, just damp mop with clear water to maintain the shine. A few drops of dishwashing soap may be added if desired.
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